How to Keep Warm

As temperatures plummet this time of year, we at Sharemelon are thinking about ways to warm ourselves up! Here are a few ideas from our studio:

1. Enjoy a Hot Beverage.

Our ceramics are heatproof, which means they are the perfect vessel for your favorite coffee, tea, or herbal concoction. How about enjoying a little hot mulled wine in one of our ceramic wine cups? Or a homey take on deli coffee in our Not A Foam Cup?

2. Embrace the Power of Fire.

Nothing warms you up like a little fire. Our pipes are perfect for relaxing with your favorite smoking herb. If that's not your style, how about turning it on its end to burn a little warming cedar or sandalwood incense?

3. A Little Something Stronger.

Warm yourself up the old-fashioned way; there's nothing like a nip of whiskey to get the fire roaring!

4. Spread the Love.

Of course, we must also take care that our hearts stay warm and fuzzy during these cold months. Treat yourself to a little love with an inspirational t-shirt or tote bag!

Please visit our shop to find these items and more--and stay cozy!

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