Fall into Hope with Sharemelon

This past weekend, Sharemelon joined in with the rest of Hope Village to support the fight against breast cancer. At an event sponsored by the Gloria Gemma Foundation, we invited guests to come check out our studios here in Pawtucket and see the new art we have created for a cause!

With new ceramics and prints designed by Nicole, Yongjae, and our intern, Eloy, Sharemelon turned pink for the day. A portion of the proceeds went directly to the GG Foundation as our way of keeping hope alive and strong.

See you next October, Gloria Gemma!

The Gloria Gemma tour bus.

Alcimar hanging out in the bus with some new Gemma friends.

Pink in your cup...

...and on your sleeve.

Renata shows some guests of the fair around the studio.

Booths abound just outside our studio door. Hi Yongjae!

#GemmaGloriaFoundation #BreastCancerAwareness #Ceramics #Printmaking #Pink #hopeartistvillage #sharemelon #designstudio

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